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The foundation of “Built for Others” is the belief that we are at our best only when we are committed to see and encourage the best in others. Great leaders give the most of themselves in order to bring out the most in others. Therefore, true leadership demands service and a willingness to put others ahead of self. In a culture that often values reward over relationship and teaches us to lift ourselves up, “Built for Others” seeks to model and teach humility, selflessness, character, and personal growth. It is only through consistently giving our best effort that we are able to unlock our full potential, so “Built for Others” is not about specific accomplishments or awards, but pursuing excellence in all aspects of life. 


We are able to award scholarships to students as well as hold events with a key-note speaker. We also continue to provide copies of the book, Seasons of Life, to each family that welcomes a new child at Lakes Regional Health Care. We continue to hope these efforts help teach and model the best ideals of leadership. We host an annual golf tournament that allows us to promote and recognize what being “Built for Others” means and we could not do it without so much generous support. 

Thank You to our Sponsors